Answers about how the Opus One Group works and what is available to you.

What does 3rd Party Neutral mean?

3rd Party Neutral means while we are compensated by your employer to be a support and development resource for you. We do not take sides or have an agenda that is driven by your employer. Our goal is to be a beneficial presence in the lives of the employees and in turn, create an engaged more focused corporate community that is more directed and profitable.

If I call for assistance am I just referred or sent to someone at a call center?

No, when you call and Opus One contact number you will always speak to an Opus One staff member. We DON NOT refer out our clients. We believe in building solid trusting relationships. The only way we can do that is to be the ones that are there when needed. In the case of a need for ongoing, long term therapy we do have an internal network of qualified individuals that we have worked with over decades of service.

When I ask my opinion in a survey or questionnaire will my managers know where it came from?

NO. All surveys and questionnaires are done as blind responses which means no one will know who the respondent is nor will names be required.  

Is what we talked about kept confidential?

YES. We are bound by a strict policy of confidentiality in all areas of our solutions. So no matter in what format you share with someone from The Opus One Group it is always kept confidential. The only time information will be shared is if you are a danger to yourself or another or you are engaged in illegal activities that directly affect your employer.

Is the in house part of the process interruptive ?

Our goal is to build connections and relationships with the employees. To support and develop them so they can be more productive in the workplace. We take great efforts when designing a program specific to your organization to plan in office visits on scheduled times. We have a “Top it at Ten” policy. We take no more than ten minutes of unscheduled time during working hours with an employee that needs to chat. After our discussion, we determine when is the best and time to follow up. I services are available 24/7 365 to all employees and immediate family.

What does it cost me to talk to someone?

Your company pays for The Opus One Group to be a support and development source for their employees. There is NO cost to you or your immediate family for using any of our services.

What is considered immediate family?

Immediate family is defined by any persons living within the household or college-aged students still under parents care.