Proactive not reactive support is what our Chaplaincy program is all about

The stressors and issues of everyday life affect your employees daily work. Being proactive with a support system in your organization that is available 24/7 365 to your employees will make a significant difference in refocus and disengagement time in the workplace.

Proactive in house support that is connective, relational and responsive.

 The Opus One Group Chaplaincy program is NOT a religious endeavor. It is a high touch program of QUALIFIED people caring for people on a personal level, 24 /7 365 days a year. A confidential source for your employees to seek resources, assistance, and support, because life does not happen just between 9 and 5. Your employees have real-life issues that affect them on a daily basis. A healthy workplace is a product of intentional choice by employers. The manner in which employers address employee life issues determines how quickly the employee will rebound and refocuses efforts at work. Leading to less absenteeism, more productivity, greater performance, and a healthier workplace.