Supporting your employees in times of need just makes good business sense.

The mental and emotional state of your employees is one of the biggest contributing factors in workplace disengagement, absenteeism and employee turn over. Effecting morale and company performance and most importantly, bottom lines.

If an employee is struggling internally they are not able to focus on their job. 

The Opus One Group provides short term counseling services in your workplace for times of ongoing struggle and strife in your employee’s lives. Our certified workplace counselors provide a safe place where employees have permission to be self-focused without guilt.  A  place to work through the issues that are affecting and distracting them from work focus. The choice to support and care for your employees on this personal and confidential level shows a company’s genuine interest in well being and health on more than just a work level. In turn, this creates loyal and engaging environments that are corporate communities. Communities that are highly productive and sought after workplaces. This benefit is vital in the performance and retention of great talent, a benefit that not only improves profitability but makes a difference in your employees’ lives.