Employee Support and Development Programs (E.S.D.P)

THE OPUS ONE GROUP’s suite of programs and assessments will Improve performance, productivity, retention, and engagement by creating a healthier work environment. In turn, improving ROI on your most valuable asset YOUR PEOPLE.

Each program is designed to be effective individually or in an integrated format. When addressing what approach is best for your organization we always recommend a Culture Wellness Evaluation (contact us to get started)


Our coaches are an ongoing developmental presence. Working within your organization, creating highly motivated, engaged and productive employees. MORE


The Opus One Group Chaplaincy program is NOT a religious endeavor. It is QUALIFIED people caring for people 24/7 on personal and professional issues that affect their daily life. Because life does not just happen 9 to 5.  MORE


 Counseling services for times of ongoing struggle and strife in your employee’s lives. Our certified counselors provide a safe place where employees have permission to be self-focused without guilt.  MORE


We administer and analyze data from ongoing surveys, assessments, and interviews with employees. Providing important insight on the well being of your people and your organizational culture. MORE


We offer a variety of seminars and training on topics that are vital in every organization. We can also design seminars, training, and lunch and learns on specific topics for your companies needs and goals. Our approach is connective and personal, never a one size fits all platform.MORE