In a workplace with low engagement and an unhealthy culture recognition, incentives and praise have no real effect. The intentional decision to support and develop your employees on a professional and personal level is the difference that will positively affect your employees and your organization’s bottom line.

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We A.I.M.


ASSESS The Opus One Group solution begins by doing an in-depth assessment and analysis of your company’s overall culture, individual employee health, and developmental needs and objectives. We utilize recognized and proven assessments and evaluations with multiple delivery methods along with custom questionnaires and blind surveys allowing us to get a true “snapshot” of where your organization currently is. From the results, we design our program to fit the needs of your organization.

 “We don’t make you fit into our program we fit our program to you.”


IMPLEMENT You want your employees to connect with your organization’s goals and vision to create innovation and growth and you need your employees to connect with one another and build strong, productive teams to drive performance. We implement solutions that do just that. With a full focused approach of support and development, we build programs that create loyalty and engagement by taking a genuine interest in your employee’s wellbeing and growth both professionally and personally. It is about building relationships and connecting on a level that matters.


MEASURE You track revenues and business measures, we track the attitudes and health of those who drive those metrics.  We gather and analyze the data from ongoing surveys, assessments, and interviews with employees while tracking and reporting on those results throughout the delivery of our programs. We provide you a present, proactive and objective third party presence that allows us to put a finger on the pulse of the drivers of your organization – your people. We not only create culture shifts that will be evident in improved engagement, productivity, and performance. We will supply you the hard data to back it up.

For REAL results you have to connect on a HUMAN level, not a technological one.

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The design and implementation of our solutions are unique, our approach is foundationally very simply. However, we believe that to support and develop the individual and in turn, build stronger teams and healthier companies you have to connect on a human level.

Our solutions are high touch and are fluid in nature and design. Every organizational solution is approached with the needs, values, and overall structure of the company in mind. We do not do one size fits all programs. Each program is as unique as the individuals and company it is designed for.