Emotional Intelligence

Chances are you’re familiar with emotional intelligence. It burst on the international scene in 1995 with the publication of Daniel Goldman’s bestselling book (Emotional Intelligence), and has become the fastest-growing area of life and executive coaching today… Owners and CEO’s who understand and use emotional intelligence coaching: distinguish themselves from others; help their employees accelerate their success and achieve bigger goals; gain a reputation for outstanding managing and exceptional results; and gain substantially higher financial benefits by understanding and communicating with their employees and offering them more comprehensive, higher-level communication. By working with companies and using our 4Cs personal platform, we see again and again that it’s not how book-smart our clients are that makes the difference; it’s how people smart they are. Emotional intelligence is about becoming aware of our own emotions, in the moment, and the emotions of others, and using that information to manage ourselves and our relationships with others. Emotional intelligence coaching offers a comprehensive set of coaching skills and tools that provide a natural extension to life, executive and corporate coaching. While cognitive intelligence (measured as IQ) is set at birth, research shows that emotional intelligence (measured as EQ) can be learned. What’s more, the research shows the best way to enhance emotional intelligence is to work with a coach