Having a Super Bowl champion mindset

Here is my assessment about how Russell Wilson, willed his team to win the Super bowl. This is based on all the stories I have heard and read. After getting beat in the quarter finals last year he made up his mind that even though he failed he would never gave up and in fact expected to win the Super Bowl this year.Here’s how he subconsciously planted the thoughts and beliefs that the next time around – he would win.Three weeks later he went to New Orleans the day before the Super Bowl was being played. Prior to that game, he walked on to the field, and actual pretended as though he was preparing for the Super Bowl. He went over what would have been the game plan and played the images in his mind, he ran plays, and pretended he was in the big game, and that he was winning the Super Bowl. He directed his subconscious mind to experience the feeling of making winning the championship a reality. Upon going home he kept that feeling and kept believing that he was in the championship game, leading his team to victory. He ran over the plays as though he was in the Super Bowl. Then he used every game last season as one more step on the way to the championship. On Sunday evening February 2nd, Wilson played a near perfect game (one he had played over many times in his mind) as he led his team to their first ever world championship. He and the Seahawks put in a lot of hard work but so did the Broncos. So why did his hard work pay off?I think the difference between winning and losing was that Russell Wilson believed he would win. He had prepared to win. He directed his subconscious mind to make sure he won the championship. Russell Wilson failed once before but he didn’t give up. Instead, he got his mind and his subconscious mind focused on winning. And his subconscious just followed his instructions so here’s what I believe it took for him to succeed. First he have to believe. He didn’t give up when he failed. He chose to push forward, get better prepared, and to get his mind and subconscious mind focused on success. Next he keep directing his subconscious mind to bring him the success he wanted. So what about you? You will likely fail more often than you succeed. The most successful people in the world fail more often than they succeed. But when they fail, they push forward, they get better prepared and they direct their mind and subconscious mind to bring them the success they want. They get rid of the negative thoughts, they get rid of the negative beliefs, and they focus on succeeding and they never give up. Don’t give up. Believe in yourself Believe that you can and will succeed. That you can and will get what you want. Direct your mind and subconscious mind to bring you the success you want so that you get exactly what you want. Get rid of the negative thoughts, Get rid of the negative beliefs, Direct your mind so that you enjoy the life you want – so that you make more money, meet the right person, get a better job, grow your business, improve your health and enjoy your life. Take charge today. If we can help you with that process feel free to email me or call and let us tell you more about our 4 C’s platform and how it can help you and your business.